Our Services

Our passionate flooring professionals are dedicated with providing the best quality flooring work. We provide an array of services ranging from installation to finishing. Chances are, if you need work done on your wooden floors, you can trust us!


With over 10 years of industry experience, we are confident that we are able to deliver amazing wooden floor installations and results. We are able to guide you through the designing, picking and installing your dream floors. We believe that amazing results are achieved through communication and collaboration!


Scratches, cracks, spills and anything in between, our team has the right tools and experience to repair all types of wooden floors. We understand that these issues happen, so we've made it our priority to provide amazing results when dealing with broken floors.


A great finish can make any room appear more complete. From sanding, waxing, and applying the lacquer, we are confident in our abilities to provide the best types of finishes. We also provide all types of finishes, including, Wax Hardwood Finishes, Water-Based Polyurethane, Oil-Based Polyurethane, Acid-Cured Finish, Moisture-Cured Urethane, and more! Contact us for all of our options.